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Usage Statistics:

Detailed usage statistics are generated for all of our customers' accounts. These detailed statistics can show you what domains are accessing your site, how many "hits" you are getting, how much data is being transferred, what type of browser people are using to look at your site, and more.

Customers may use our built-in analysis program - MKStats to view their usage statistics, or they
may use a third-party usage stats analysis program to analyze the raw log files generated in their account. To access your statistics. Click on "Statistics" located in the customer control panel at http://www.yourdomain.com/admin (you will be prompted for your login and password). From here you can view detailed statistics with MKstats as well as access your raw log files. In addition you can see the total amount of disk space being used by your account. Additional diskspace can be purchased at $1 per mb

To use a third-party analysis program:

Customers also have access to the raw log files. Therefore, you can use third-party log analysis programs on your local PC to get in-depth analysis of your web site usage. If needed, you can download the raw log files to your local computer for analysis and use gzip to uncompress them if you need to run custom queries against the data. We use standard GNU "gzip" format without any special options. Mac users who have trouble unzipping the logs with Stuffit Expander should try using MacGzip.

Note: You have access to the raw log files whether or not you choose one of our built-in analysis programs. Therefore, you can choose to use our programs, your programs, or both.

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